About me

Who am I...

Me and my ride

Hi, I'm Rene, a Dutchman, married and I live in The Netherlands (Holland) in a rural town located in the beautiful region De Betuwe. I am a loyal, trustworthy and social person all my life, a good listener and provide assistance and advice to anyone who asks for it. I am blessed with a wonderful family and a few good friends.

Also, I'm an enthusiastic motorcyclist since 1996, bought my first bike in 1998 (a 1994 Suzuki VX800), my next bike in 2010 (a 2003 Yamaha FJR1300A) and currently I own a 2015 Honda NC750XD. I do not ride much - annually only 5.000 kms (3,200 miles) - and from December to February I keep it safely stored and protected from the elements. My wife is the first love in my life, my bike is the second one.

Join(ed) the club

I joined the local motorcycle club (BMV) in 1997, wrote many extensive stories about my personal experiences with rented and owned motorcycles for publication in the MC's magazin, introduced the GPS navigation system in 2003 to my fellow members and was known as the GPS Guru since. I became the Board Secretary in 2006 and due to unforeseen circumstances I was also installed as the Board Webmaster in 2009. As maintenance of the website did not go as planned, I scoured the internet and bought two books and within a few months a new functional website was created. My efforts were rewarded and it made me proud. Never thought I could do that all by myself. I ended my Board Secretary in 2015 as two board positions at the same time became a little too much.

My passion

Is of course motorcycles, ride it and clear my head, look at it and dream away, talk, read and write about it. I follow in the footsteps of my grandfather so it is in my blood also. Besides all this, I enjoy creating GPS routes just as much, maybe even a little bit more. I like exploring other countries in real life as well as on my computer, mainly using BaseCamp and Google Maps & Earth. And from what I hear, I'm pretty good at it which makes this "job" even better. Therefore I also like to put a How to... course together for those who want to learn. The transfer of knowledge gives me energy and increases my own and others self-assurance at the same time.

My first GPS system was an American made Garmin StreetPilot 3 which I bought online from GPS Warehouse (now permanently closed) in the United Kingdom for the astronomical price of GBP 850 (USD 1,300), still quite a bit less than here at a local shop. For mounting it on the steering bar of my first motorcycle, I bought the also American made RAM system combined with a German made aluminium Touratech holder which added roughly USD 200 to the bill. But this "brick model" SP3 did his job perfectly and never let me down, though after 10 years of duty, the rubber screen seal was too old (hardened) to keep the water out between the screen layers. However, it still works today, if needed as a backup.

In 2013 I replaced the SP3 with a modern and much faster Garmin (of course...) Zumo 350LM. A very nice design, great functionality and bulletproof manufactured quality. Other models offered more functions but who really needs to listen to music or making phone calls while riding a motorcycle? I do not as the exhaust sounds are the music in my ears! And with the Lifetime (European) Map service, I do not have to worry about using old cartography. I usually update the internal maps only once a year (during winter) after a factory reset of the GPS to clean up unwanted files. Works like a charm which speeds up the device also and you are good to go when spring knocks on your door.

My hobby

Is unleashing my creative & writing skills to the website of my local motorcycle club. I spend many hours, days or even weeks before I am done and satisfied with any new content. I really am a perfectionist which is in most cases a good thing but occasionally it turns against me and I must return down to earth to have solid ground under my feet again. It's a good way to destress also.

I also enjoy shooting my Colt 1911 pistol at the indoor 30ft and 75ft range, for practice as well as competition.

Share, care & donate

Unfortunately, increasingly severe joint pains during March, I was diagnosed in April with acute Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which turned my (our) world upside down instantly. Meantime corticosteroids are trying hard to get the inflammation under control, while waiting for the self-injected DMARDs which modify the course of the disease to take effect. To make things even worse, I encoutered loss of strength and getting out of breath after a short walk or bicycle ride. Triggered by the acute RA and with a lung capacity reduced to 52%, I'm recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF), a respiratory disease in which scars are formed in the lung tissues, leading to serious breathing problems.

To be able to enjoy riding the motorcycle as long as possible, mid 2016 I swapped my 145bhp 630lbs Yamaha for a lighter and easier to handle 55bhp 500lbs HONDA NC750XD with a comfortable semi-automatic DCT gearbox. I improved handling, comfort and maintainance by changing the springs and tires, and by adding a Madstad screen, Pro-Oiler chain lubrication system, central stand, folding mirrors and radiator guard.

I ask you to share this website with other motorcycle enthusiasts in your area. Maybe you would like to support me in my recovery from RA and PF or grant me a donation, for which I am grateful. Please continue to the Donate-page.

Thank you for your support in advance!