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If you encouter interchangeability issues using the routes from the purchased pack(s) with your GPS navigation system or if you have lost/deleted the route pack(s) by accident, then you can contact me by e-mail message for assistance. I will do my utmost to help you solve the problem or reactivate the download link(s) so you are able to restore the data on your local drive.


May contact me as well. Whether you are new in using pre-plotted routes for your GPS or not, if a logical solution does not have the effect wished for, nothing is more frustrating than unexpected errors. I have been there as well. The internet is loaded with forums and other websites with helpful guides, so I ask you to do an initial search on those websites, as there is a good chance the solution can be found easily. If not, perhaps I can help you in this matter, though I do not know everything there is to know.

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