How to order

First of all, I need you to read the Conditions for Seller and Buyer/User, which contain some logical rules so that both you and I know exactly what to expect from each other. I am just a simple guy so nothing fancy. If you are okay with the rules, you can return to this page and continue the ordering process.

Just send me a regular e-mail message (containing your name, e-mail address, the desired route pack(s) and optional remarks) using your own preferred e-mail program. My e-mail address is mentioned in the footer of each webpage.

Confirmation e-mail

After I have received your message, I personally send you a confirmation e-mail. Please take into account that my manual respons can not be immediately due to a possible time difference with The Netherlands depending on your location.


In the confirmation e-mail you'll receive, the total amount and the payment instructions are provided. To make things as easy as possible, I have a PayPal Premier account which is linked to my e-mail address mentioned on the bottom of each page. I believe that PayPal offers the simplest and safest way of paying, without the hassle of sending personal information and bank/creditcard numbers.

If you DO have a PayPal account, just go to the PayPal-website, choose Personal Money Transfer, enter my e-mail address (see bottom of this page), the total amount (in USD currency) and follow further PayPal instructions.

If you do NOT have a PayPal account, then click my paypal.me/GPSBikerRoutes-link, enter the total amount (in USD currency) and follow further PayPal instructions.

Download the route pack(s)

When your payment has been processed, PayPal sends me a notification. You will then receive an additional e-mail message from me personally containing the download link(s) where the route pack(s) is(are) located. It is advised to download the route pack(s) and store it on a local drive (pc/laptop/tablet/smartphone).


Your order data will be safely stored for future assistance if needed. In case you encouter interchangeability issues with your GPS navigation system or if you have lost/deleted the route pack(s) by accident, then you can contact me by e-mail message for assistance. I will do my utmost to help you solve the problem or reactivate the download link(s) for you to be able to restore the data on your local drive.