How to order

First of all, I need you to read the Conditions for Seller and Buyer/User, which contain some logical rules so that both you and I know exactly what to expect from each other. I am just a simple guy so nothing fancy. If you are okay with the rules, you can return to this page and continue the ordering process.

Fill in the form underneath and click the "Send" button. Make sure that your name, e-mail address and optional remarks meet the mentioned guidelines, otherwise the form can not be processed.

Instead of using the form, you can send me a regular e-mail message (containing your name, e-mail address, the desired route pack(s) and optional remarks using your own preferred e-mail program. My e-mail address is mentioned in the footer of each webpage.

Confirmation e-mail

After you have sent the completed form through this website, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail instantly. If you have sent me a regular e-mail message, I personally send you a confirmation e-mail. Please take into account that my manual respons can not be immediately due to a possible time difference with The Netherlands depending on your location.


Whichever confirmation message you receive, both provide the total amount and the same payment instructions. To make things as easy as possible, I have a PayPal Premier account which is linked to my e-mail address mentioned on the bottom of each page. I believe that PayPal offers the simplest and safest way of paying, without the hassle of sending personal information and bank/creditcard numbers.

If you DO have a PayPal account, just go to the PayPal-website, choose Personal Money Transfer, enter my e-mail address (see bottom of this page), the total amount (in USD currency) and follow further PayPal instructions.

If you do NOT have a PayPal account, then click my paypal.me/GPSBikerRoutes-link, enter the total amount (in USD currency) and follow further PayPal instructions.

Download the route pack/-s

When your payment has been processed, PayPal sends me a notification. You will then receive an additional e-mail message from me personally containing the download link. It is advised to download the file and store it on a local drive (pc/laptop/tablet/smartphone).


Your order data will be safely stored for future assistance if needed. In case you encouter interchangeability issues with your GPS navigation system or if you have lost/deleted the file by accident, then you can contact me by e-mail message for assistance. I will do my utmost to help you solve the problem or reactivate the download link for you to be able to restore the data on your local drive.

Form guidelines

To send this form succesfully, only use for your...

Name: capitals, lowercase and spaces,
E-mail: lowercase, figures, points, dashes, underscores and the "@"-sign,
Remarks: capitals, lowercase, figures, spaces, commas, points and dashes.

These rules should hopefully protect you and me against accidental abuse of the website (including spam and webbots/-crawlers ).

Full name

E-mail Address

Buy 2 or all 3 State Packs & get a $ 2 or $ 5 discount...
USA State Pack West, 129 routes ($ 5)
USA State Pack Central, 151 routes ($ 5)
USA State Pack East, 235 routes ($ 5)


The buyer has read and accepts the Conditions for Seller and Buyer/User.